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Resources to support your work in school covering all aspects of school Health and Wellbeing. Select from the drop-down menus to search by topic, key stage and service type (e.g. awareness days, curriculum development, staff training, pastoral care etc). The most recently added resources will appear on the first page. The resources listed are all produced by reputable organisations but the School Health & Wellbeing Project does not assess them and it is important that schools review before use to ensure they are suitable for their pupils and/or staff. All training, resources and support are FREE unless specifically stated.

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ANNA FREUD CENTRE – Wellbeing poster

ANNA FREUD CENTRE – Wellbeing poster

Display around school to support children to recognise their need for support and where to access it.
ANNA FREUD CENTRE – Wellbeing poster Go to link
ANNA FREUD CENTRE – Mindfulness Calendar

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