Working together to prevent suicide

The Theme for 2020 is Connection. With the unique challenges people are facing this year due to COVID19, the emphasis is on connection for Suicide prevention.

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Connection can be potentially life saving for people who are feeling vulnerable or distressed. You can connect with friends and family, or have connections through activities, or with nature and the arts.

We hope that exploring connection on this World Suicide Prevention Day will help everyone think about how to reach out and offer connection, helping ourselves and others who may be struggling.

Connect with suicide prevention

Connecting with nature

For many, nature felt more noticeable and more important during lockdown, and it can be helpful as a source of distraction, focus and beauty.
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Mental health

Connecting with the arts

From listening to music, watching theatre or drawing a picture, the arts can lift our mood, express difficult emotions or simply help us relax.
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Connecting with yourself

Noticing how you’re feeling and taking care of yourself are important ways to improve our mood and mental health.
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Success Ibrahim

Connecting with neighbours, friends and family

Whether a smile or wave through a window, chatting over the fence or working together on a local project, neighbours, friends and family can help us feel less lonely and more hopeful.
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Prevent Falls

Connecting with communities

Sharing an interest, hobby or faith can lead to building connection and trust across difference.
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Connecting with colleagues

Some of the newer ways of working may have interfered with the brief chat in the corridor, but there are ways to reach out, make contacts and connections and help support each other.

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