Upton Lea Park

Welcome to the Upton Lea Park walking route. Designed to get you moving more and learning about your local park.

Benefits of walking

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Your approaching the end of the walk. Have you seen the outdoor gym? Did you know that it's free to use, 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Why not spend the next 10minutes giving it a go. Find some equipment that you enjoy the most, take a picture and tag us on twitter @SloughPH #ActiveParkWalk

Pedometer prize draw questions

Question 5 - How many hours should a 10-year old sleep? 6-8hours 8-10hours or 10-12hours

Question 6 - How many litres of water should you drink each day? 1litre 2litres or 3 litres

Now that you've got all six questions answered, enter the draw

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Early Years Active Park Walk

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