Salt Hill Park

Welcome to the Salt Hill Park walking route. Designed to get you moving more and learning about your local park.

Benefits of walking

Salt Hill Park post 1

Start your walking journey with post 1. What do you see.....

Pedometer prize draw question;

Question 1- Walking 1000 paces uses how many calories? 20 calories, 50calories or 100calories

An Outdoor Gym

A great way to get more active for free
Outdoor Gyms

Silver birch trees

Silver birch can be used to improve soil quality for other plants to grow.
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Active Movement

This is what you are doing now. Standing and moving more, one of our flagship projects.
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A Red Kite

The wingspan of Red Kites can reach up to 170 cm and can grow as old as 26 years of age!
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Claycots Primary School

This walk is linked to the great work of Claycots Primary School.

The school was one of the early pioneers in the Active Movement programme and have committed to getting their pupils more active, more often.

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