As part of our loneliness awareness work we are launching the #PostaPhotoSlough campaign– to help connect isolated and vulnerable residents with friends and family through social media.

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How does it work?

The idea is a really simple , once a week we’re asking you to post photos of between 2 to 4 faces you cannot do without (Adults aged over 18); state the reason why, nominate them to do the same, and say the reason why. In that way, you will get more people to talk to each other, see faces of their family and friends they have been away from and help tackle social isolation and loneliness.

Here is some example wording for your post.....

"I have chosen to share the faces of << TAG NAME HERE >>for #PostaPhotoSlough because they are very dear to me, and ask them to do the same to people they can’t do without to help people connect with and see faces of their loved ones. For more information go to www.publichealthslough.co.uk/campaigns/post-a-photo/ @SloughPH @SloughCVS"

Please note: Please only post pictures of adults, families or friends, aged over 18. As this will be run on social media we will have no control over individual posts or how they are shared.

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