Slough Libraries and Culture Poetry Journey Post 2

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Poetry 2

Poetry post 2

This poem by Slough’s fantastic Summer Reading Challenge Ambassador, Coral Rumble, describes how a park looks after dark. Our green spaces change with the seasons and the time of day, so there’s always a new way to look at them, no matter how often you visit.

It’s dark in the park,
Despite the moon’s glow,
As dark as the compost
That makes new seeds grow,
And the colours are fading,
Their shades turned down low,
Like the details of memories
From a long time ago.

It’s dark in the park,
Despite stars in the sky,
And the swing that swung children
Can no longer fly,
And the tall, curving slide
Now looks recklessly high,
And the noise of the day
Shrivels into a sigh.

It’s dark in the park,
Despite the lamplight,
And the limb-stretching trees
Are picking a fight
With the strengthening wind
That spits raindrops, with spite,
While an oil slick of shadows
Floods the hollow of night.

From Riding a Lion by Coral Rumble

There’s lots more children’s poetry to explore at Slough Libraries. Request a selection from our click and collect service.

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