Slough Libraries and Culture Poetry Journey Post 1

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Poetry 1

Poetry post 1

Here’s the first step on your poetry journey and a call to cherish and protect the nature around us. On your way round the park, take in the beauty of the trees.
Would you hew me
to the heartwood, cutter?
Would you leave me open-hearted?

Put an ear to my bark, cutter,
hear my sap’s mutter,
mark my heartwood’s beat, my leaves’ flutter.

Would you turn me to timber, cutter?
Leave me nothing but a heap of logs, a pile of brash?
I am a world, cutter,
I am a maker of life-
drinker of rain, breaker of rocks,
caster of shade, eater of sun,

I am time-keeper,
deep-thinker, cutter;
I am a city of butterflies, a country of creatures.

But my world takes years to grow,
cutter, and seconds to crash;
your saw can fell me, your axe can bring me low.

Do you hear these words I utter? I ask this of you-
have you the heartwood, cutter?
Have those who sent you?

by Robert MacFarlane

Keep a note of the poems you discover along the walk, for your chance to win a prize. You’ll find full details at the final stage.

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