The #IamVaccinated campaign is the new face of our drive to increase vaccination rates within the local community.

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How vaccines work?

Vaccines work by making us produce antibodies to fight disease without actually infecting us with the disease.

If the vaccinated person then comes into contact with the disease itself, their immune system will recognise it and immediately produce the antibodies they need to fight it.

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A third of people that die from the flu are otherwise healthy individuals with no underlying health conditions.
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MMR is a safe and effective combined vaccine that protects against 3 separate illnesses.
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Protection against the HPV virus, something which can lead to cervical cancer. A safe and effective vaccine.
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Vaccination schedule

Check which vaccinations you need and when you need them.
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COVID vaccine

Your trusted source of information on the coronavirus vaccine as well as frequently asked questions.
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Slough Immunisation Partnership

The partnership is a joint working group with representatives from Slough Borough Council, NHS England, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, The East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning group and the Berkshire shared public health team.

For more information and to view the presentations and documents that came out of the first ever Immunisation Partnership Conference in Slough on the 1st October 2019, simply click below.

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