Flu (Influenza)

Every winter in Slough around 50-100 residents die because of the flu. One third of them are otherwise healthy people, with no underlying health conditions.

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It is important that we protect all of the community from the flu.

• If you have a long-term health condition such as asthma or diabetes, or if you’re pregnant, you’re eligible for a free flu vaccination – please speak to your GP.

• If you are carer for vulnerable adults where you could transmit flu to the frail, then you are eligible for a free flu vaccination.

• If you are not in either of the above groups, you can still get a flu vaccination – it costs less than £10 at various pharmacies.

Flu is much worse than a heavy cold

A bad bout of flu is much worse than a heavy cold.

Flu symptoms come on suddenly and sometimes severely.

They include fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles, as well as a cough and sore throat.

You're likely to spend 2 or 3 days in bed.

If you get complications caused by flu, you could become seriously ill and have to go to hospital.

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