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Welcome to the Early Years Active Park Walk page, giving you information about the walk, the importance of being active and links to further information

Active Park Walks – involving everyone

Each Active Park connects with nearby schools and settings to encourage children, family and friends to use the parks together more often.

Active Movement and Early Years

Active Movement believes that it is vital to tell children how important it to be active even if they are running around already! They will carry this learning into Primary school where they will sit less and move more as part of everyday routine. It is also a chance for parents to benefit from this knowledge and be active together with your children and your family

Active Movement is good for everyone

Children of all ages are becoming less active. They are also sitting down far too much every day. We now know that this is really unhealthy for our bodies. The good news is that if we sit less and move more, the effects on our health are amazing now and in the future. Active Movement works alongside Early Years children, staff and parents throughout the year to teach everyone about the benefits of being more active. Remember, even standing up more is really good for you!

Otis and the Max pack

To help children and parents learn about Active Movement and its benefits, every Active Movement setting has a special group of dogs called the Max pack. These are taken home by the children to look after and share their adventures with their parents. Otis (see right) is a very special dog who loves parks and open spaces. Take him and his friends on an Active Park Walk!

Active Movement

For more information on the Active Movement programme for schools and settings of all ages click here.
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