The Max club

Max is the leader of his dog and cat friends. When your child joins the Max club, they can lead family and friends to be a little more active.

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We need you- Join the Max club!

Simply click on the link below and complete the short joining form. Your child will be sent

- A special ‘I am Max’ badge
- A Welcome letter
- A note from Max on being active at home

There will also receive regular updates, ideas and news to share with other family members and friends

Max is the leader of his group of dog and cat friends. You can become like Max – and lead your family to be more active!

nb. This is for settings based in Slough only and only parents/carers aged over 18 can complete the sign up process.

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Health and Wellbeing Slough

The programme is an integral part of our new Integrated Wellbeing Service designed to support the wellbeing of Slough residents.
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Health at Home

We have created a bespoke resource to help you look after your health whilst at home.
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Who else is doing it?

Here is a list of the numbers that have signed up at each setting in Slough. Congratulations and thanks to all those making their homes a little bit more active!
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Health in the workplace

Tell us how it's going

Why not tell us how it's going, use the hashtag #ActiveAmbassador or email the team
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Why Active Movement?

Active Movement is about the small things you can do every day that lead to big changes in activity, nutrition and other areas of wellbeing.

This behaviour change programme has now been embedded across 40 schools and settings across Slough.

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